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Trutina Skin Spray

HOCl is nontoxic and handles this hard work while being incredibly mild on your skin. That gentleness is a byproduct of it being naturally produced by your body’s immune system.

It’s great for sensitive skin.

It’s not going to give you the dryness, burning or irritation of other products (such as alcohol).

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  • What Is Hypochlorous Acid? 
    Let’s start with a basic fact: HOCl exists in your body. It’s created by white blood cells as a defense system against infection, bacteria and general ickiness.​
  • How hypochlorous acid benefits your skin?
    Skin is incredibly tough and durable – a necessity given its role as an outer barrier protecting your inner workings. That front-line role, however, leaves your skin vulnerable to cuts, scrapes and all the bad stuff it’s working to keep out.

All Skin Types

Spray as often as needed and let air dry. Or, spray on a cotton pad and apply to the target area as needed. Trutina Skin Spray is active when wet and inactive once dried.


Trutina Advanced Hypocholorus Skin Spray can be used as a surface disinfectant, treatment for wounds, and facial sanitizer.

HOCl offers your besieged skin a little backup by working to:​


Fight bacteria that causes clogged pores and acne.​


Speed up wound healing and repair damage.


Combat inflammation and conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

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Gym Bag Essentials

Clean up and refresh your face after a sweaty work out.

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